About Oread

OREAD is a new printed journal that aims to provide a platform for written and visual work that is driven by the innovative use of form to engage with current thought and ways of thinking.

We are particularly interested in printing pieces that work across or mix genres.

The title is inspired by H.D.’s 1914 poem of the same name.

Whirl up, sea –
whirl your pointed pines,
splash your great pines
on our rocks,
hurl your green over us,
cover us with your pools of fir.


On Printing & Design:

In the post-information-revolution world, the continued survival of print publication can be viewed as anachronism or abnormality. However, we believe that there remains room for considered, physically distributed artistic responses, and likewise there remains room for innovation within what is often seen as a traditional field.

The measured pace of print journalism and the existence of a pre-set deadline ­– as opposed to the continuous race to be the first to upload – means that writers and artists have the space to edit and adjust. At the other end, we want to encourage slow reading and slow looking.

We see print publications as sites for artistic intervention and the design and finish of each issue of OREAD will aim to reflect this.

As such, we are open to working closely and collaborating with contributors on the presentation of their material. We will largely be riso-printed on uncoated paperstocks – it is worth bearing this in mind when submitting visual material.


Editorial Team… info coming soon